• January 2, 2020
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Hikvision’s new brochure overviews AcuSense cameras and NVRs, which offer precise detection of human and vehicle movement versus non-human objects such as rain, animals or leaves, providing effective intrusion detection and greatly reducing false alarms in any environment.

Traditional motion detection often results in numerous false alarms, a big industry problem that results in time and money focused on unimportant events. Implementing budget-conscious security systems to prevent loss and maximize efficiency is key. Hikvision AcuSense gives businesses the opportunity to tackle this issue in a cost-effective way, making

the latest technology innovations affordable and easily accessible for first time.

Customers can get the latest intelligent surveillance features without a full system upgrade. With AcuSense, customers can enjoy the benefits of highly accurate, cutting-edge false alarm reduction. Other benefits include:

  • AcuSense Quick Target Search feature enables staff to automatically identify footage of people and vehicles, eliminating manual searches of video footage.
  • AcuSense strobe light and audio alarm message enhances deterrence. Once a potential intruder has been accurately detected, the AcuSense camera triggers the built-in strobe light and audio alarm designed to warn the intruder before they act. (SL models)
  • AcuSense Extended Monitoring Area makes it possible for one guard to handle multiple alarms, since AcuSense filters out false alarms of non-human objects, streamlining the monitoring process from a central station or a remote location. This improved accuracy means a large staff is not required to effectively monitor and respond to security threats.

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